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Who we are? -> Project Teachers
Project Teachers (1) -> Ekaterina Meshkova (Bulgaria)

Hello! My name is Ekaterina Meshkova. My friends call me Katja. I am a high-school teacher of Informatics and ICT.

I graduated from the “First Language High School “ in Varna, Bulgaria (with English, German and Russian ) and later the University of Economics, Varna with a masters in Informatics. I also have a postgraduate qualification from the University of Economics - Varna and have attended many professional development courses such as the Phare program; a Bulgarian-Austrian Educational Project; a Bulgarian-Danish course. For two years I was an instructor and I have trained 150 vocational teachers from the Varna region in basic and specific computer skills.

I have been working as a teacher of Informatics at “Varnenska Targovska Gimnazia, G. S. Rakovski” for about 20 years now. I teach students between grades 8 and 12. It has been a great learning experience for me and my students, during the last years, to participate and win awards in EU, USA and Bulgarian competitions ( At school I also worked on EU projects.

I am a proud mother of two lovely daughters. I like surfing the Internet, reading books, watching movies, TV and classical and modern ballet, listening to hard rock music, dancing, going to the beach in Varna and swimming in the warm Black sea during the summer. Additionally I also enjoy walking in the Sea Park, meeting friends, travelling and…of course I am feeling very excited and enthusiastic to work with partner-schools from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany and Poland on the Project!

Project Teachers (2) -> Pavlin Ivanov (Bulgaria)

My name is Pavlin Ivanov. I am the coordinator of the Bulgarian team. I have been teaching German as a foreign language for 20 years now in the city of Varna, Bulgaria. The last 5 years I have been working at “Varnenska Targovska Gimnazia ,G. S. Rakovski”. I’m a graduate of Shumen University with a masters in German. I also graduated the University of Economics – Varna, with a masters in Economics of Tourism. Before becoming a teacher, I worked as a tourist guide in the sea resorts Albena and the Golden Sands. I have three qualifications as a teacher of German from Goethe Institute – Germany.

During the last few years I have worked on EU projects and I am glad to have the opportunity now to work with partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland and Germany. Except my work , I love animals (I have always had cats at home), I am a great sport fan (of course of Werder Bremen) and I like to listen to rock music.

Project Teachers (3) -> Senida Celjo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

My name is Senida Celjo. I was born in Sarajevo. I'm 37. I have been teaching for 16 years. I used to work in the elementary school during the last war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was the period which will be always in my mind.I'll describe only one moment - several teachers, our students and me in the shelter. Bombing. Instead of crying we began singing. After bombing we went out and saw two destroyed houses near the school. I  survived the terrible war. I got married in 1995. It was the end of the war. So this year is very  special for me. I finished my faculty and became a teacher of English language. Now I am a mother of two lovely kids. I have been working in High Economic School, Sarajevo since 2001. I have participated in many projects and I am happy because all of them are very successful. I ( with my students) won the Special Award of Sarajevo Winter Festival, the Special Award of the Jury for Friendships and Peace in Istanbul, the first place at the contest of drama in Canton Sarajevo, etc.

I am the creator of idea for having a great event in BiH among secondary schools – The Week of English Language. This event hosted a lot of ambassadors from different countries in my school. Even Colin Powell visited us. Also, every year, my students and me participate in Spring Day in 
Europe project which is organized by EU. Working on this project, EU Dialogue Award; made me richer. It filled me completely with a new dimension of dialogue and understanding among people. All stereotypes and prejudice were deleted. This experience was important because my students had also a chance to feel it. I simply enjoy working with people from different countries. You can really feel yourself international. How the dialogue among people is important, we from Bosnia, really know that.

More dialogue – less wars and conflicts. More dialogue - more respecting and understanding each other. Really the dialogue is the best award for people.

Thank you for giving a great topic – EU DIALOGUE AWARD.

Project Teachers (4) -> Gisela Paterkiewicz (Germany)

Hello everybody!!

My name is Gisela Paterkiewicz, my students call me “Mrs P.”. I have been teaching English, Spanish and German as a foreign language for 25 years now and still like it, mostly because I like my students (although I am always the smallest in class) and I like languages and multicultural experiences, so thoroughly enjoyed the EU-Dialogue Award project and have learnt a lot by it. When I

was 19 – that was in 1977 (!) – I finished school in Bremen, Northern Germany, where I grew up, and went to work in Dublin, Ireland, for almost four years as a bilingual secretary at “Kerrygold” – a company exporting dairy products. We had a very small German market then, and there was only my boss and myself working on it. Now you can buy “Kerrygold”-butter in every supermarket in Germany – I would be a rich successful businesswoman now if I had stayed there!

But I decided to go to university in Göttingen, and ended up as a teacher at a school in a little town in Northern Germany and I don't exactly lead the cosmopolitan lifestyle I had dreamed of. In the 1980s I spent 1 ½ teaching English in Seville, Spain, and later accompanied rich German kids on trips to English seaside resorts to learn English. There I met my husband, had two lovely sons – but the husband is still in England! 

So, after some difficult years trying to survive as a single mother with two kids - teaching various subjects at evening colleges - the job at BBS Syke turned up in 1994 and – although I had never imagined that in my life - – we moved to Syke and – what's amazing – I began to enjoy country life. Me, who could not even raise a cactus before, and my children live in a little house with a beautiful garden – where things really grow and I love it!! We have our own potatoes, lettuce and tomatoes – and a lot of flowers, cherry and apple trees. 

Important to mention are also our Project cat Vinci, a rabbit Reinhard (a moody widower who scratched some of the project members), in summer one frog Horst in a little pond and one hedgehog without a name. I am not very much into cleaning the house too often but I could dig in the garden every day having great fun. 

My son Philip is 19 now, studying social care and works with handicapped people – no surprise – because his brother Jan 16 has got the Down Syndrome. Maybe the life with a handicapped child and the early years abroad have taught me that it is normal to be different.That's why I enjoy it so much having contact to people from other countries and speaking other languages. I have even started a Polish course recently, but I have decided to ignore the grammar and just learn words! 

That’s all about me. I can only tell you that the project was great fun for me, too, and I am sure this homepage is only the first part of further similar projects together.


Project Teachers (5) -> Lucja Modzelewska (Poland)

My name is Lucja Modzelewska and I'm 55 years old. I have been living in ToruÅ„ the city of  gingerbread and Nicolaus Copernicus since I was born. This old and beautiful town full of medieval relics is locatedin the center of Poland and is splited into two parts by the Polishlongest river - Vistula. Here you can find also one of the biggest Polish universities, University of Nicolaus Copernicus, which I attended at the Economics Faculty, which I graduated with the title of  Master of Science. My master degree was related to employees hierarchyin big companies.

After finishing the univesrity I've started to work as a teacher of economics in one of Toruns' Highschools what I'm doingtill now. The school I mentioned is of course High School of Economicsin Torun, where I also am organizing EU related science club Euroekonomik and I'm a tutor for school students selfmanagement. I'm happily married to my husband Gienek and I am proud mother of my 26 year old son Piotr.

In my free time I like to browse the Internet andwatch interesting movies on television, especially criminal movies andcomedies. During vacation I like travelling and meeting new people. I must admit that I just love to participate in projects like this, which are always entertaining and very challenging.

Project Teachers (6) -> Ewa BÅ‚aszczyk (Poland)

My name is Ewa Błaszczyk. I was born in Torun(Poland). I have been teaching German in Economic School in Toruń for 18 years. I gradueted from the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań with a master in German. During my studies I had very interesting one year-experience at the University of Berlin (Freie Universitat Berlin).

I'm the mother of two twin-doughters, 16 years old. I like reading books, travelling and music. I love every kind of activities - cyckling, swimming and walking with my sweet dog Luna (Labrador).

I've been involved in the cooperation between my school and BBS Syke for 7 years. We have been coopereting at different levels - we make exchanges of students; our students have trainings in both countries.

In 2009 I participated in the project "Friend and enemy" and it was something special for me!! I'm very proud of being participant of this new project and of cooperating with such great teachers and students!!!