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The project was implemented within the EUROPEANS FOR PEACE programme with support from the Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (EVZ). The opinions expressed by the authors are not necessarily those of the Foundation EVZ. The author is solely responsible for the content.

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Current project:
(4) "It is normal to be different! - Young Europeans with and without the Down Syndrome Facing Human Rights“ - Bosna and Herzegovina, Germany, Poland

This is our new project!!!

Here you can see our meeting in Sarajevo, Syke and Torun

With the support of EUROPEANS FOR PEACE students from Poland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Germany cooperate with young people with the Down Syndrome, their parents, teachers, experts and institutions for people with special needs in our countries in 

  • preparing presentations about DS

  • making interviews with institutions/experts/time witnesses

  • studying concepts of social inclusion

  • analysing the situation in the past in fascist Germany and Communism


Our projects which we have been realized:

(3) "Economic Changes in Europe since the End of Communism" - Bulgaria


Since  October 2010  to May 2011 groups of students together with their teachers from:
* Berufsbildende Schulen in Syke – Germany (8 students) – teacher - G.   Paterkiewicz
* High Economic School in Sarajewo - Bosnia i Herzegovina (8 students) – teacher - S.Celjo
* Secondary School of Economics in Torun  - Poland (8 students of the European School Club - EuroEkonomik) - teacher - Ł. Modzelewska,
* VarnenskaTargovska Gimnazia "Georgi Rakovski Stoikov " in Varna- Bulgaria (10 students)- teachers P. Ivanow, Katia Meshkova,
implemented their first economic project.

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(2) "Friend and Enemy" - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Germany

Here you can see our visit in Sarajevo , Torun and Syke

The project "Friend and Enemy" - a picture of political events of the 80's and 90's in Polish, Bosnian and German films - analysis of intercultural differences and similarities, was implemented by the students of the European School Club-EuroEkonomik - the Secondary School of Economics in Torun, together with students from friendly schools in Berufsbildende Schulen Syke - Germany and the High Economic School, Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina. Each team consists of 10 students and a tutor.  "Friend and Enemy" this is already their second common project. The previous one "Hopes and fears of young people in Europe" took third place in Europa in the contest EUDA 2008 to choose the best website in English.

The project "Friend and Enemy" aims:
* Meeting young people from three countries, mutual knowledge, exchange of information related to the theme of the project, and presenting history and culture of their countries ,
* Getting rid of intercultural stereotypes and prejudices,
* Acquiring knowledge about the historical relationships in modern history,

(1) E.U.D.A. Project 2008 - Germany

The year 2008 is the year announced by the EU as the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue. In November 2007 groups of students together with their teachers from: 

* Berufsbildende Schulen in Syke – Germany (8 students) – teacher - G.   Paterkiewicz

* High Economic School in Sarajewo - Bosnia i Herzegovina (8 students) – teacher - S.Celjo

* Secondary School of Economics in Torun  (10 students of the European School Club -EuroEkonomik) - teacher - Ł. Modzelewska,

in the framework of the  multinational cooperation, resolve to take part in the Competition EU Dialogue Award 2008.

The competition was organized by the Centre for Europäische Bildung Europ äischer Wettbewerb in Germany. Its purpose was to create a joint website in English on a mutually agreed topic. The topic of the project which was set by students and teachers, it is "Hopes and Fears of young people in Europe". It was implemented from December 2007 to April 2008.

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