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18th October, Tuesday

All groups have left  Sarajevo.

Sarajevo-airportPolish team with friends from Bosnia at the airport in Sarajevo.




Bosnian Team!

We would like to thank you all for a wonderful time that we spent in Sarajevo!!!!

17th October, Monday

We met at school and preperated our final presentation of project work and performance. In evening we met all at a farewell party. Performance

The main objective for us was to present effect of our project to possible large audience. It was performance. The event took place in the High Economic School in Sarajevo. There were about 200 students, teachers and invited guests. Our performance was viewed by invited guests from the Embassy of Polish, Bulgarian and German. Students and teachers involved in the project gave interviews to local press and television.

In the evening we met all at a farewell party. 

16th October, Sunday

Teacher timeWe spent all day with our hostfamily, our teachers together with youths with the Down Syndrome and their parents. 

15th October, Saturday

Mostar groupOn Saturday we had a great progamme. We travelled through the Bosnia and Herzegovina and visited different places. First we stopped in Jablanica and had some coffe over there. We loved the beautiful view of Neretva river.

Then our journey continued till we reached Mostar, a beautiful city. The atmosphere there gave us the impression that the time stopped. No cars in the old part and small shops everywhere. We had a look at the famous Old bridge and also saw a man jumping from that bridge. That's an old tradition in Mostar.

Everyone was hungry so we drove to Hutovo blato to have a lunch. Unfourtunately, we couldnt' do our planned boat trip because some parts of national park were on fire.

After that, we had two more stations. First Porschtel(Počitelj) where we had a wonderful view from the top of the mountain onto Neretva river. And second, we visited a spring of river Buna which is very powerful and beautiful. We were all tired but happy because we visited so many interesting and beautilful places.

14th October, Friday

Match1On Friday we had two more workshops: karate and football. First we had karate with Karate club „Sarajevo ZOI 84“. Our students learnt some basic steps but after some time they've decided to play volleyball and they enjoyed very much.

Then we had a great football match. Players from the football club „Sarajevo“, all students with and without the Down Syndrome loved playing together. In the evenings news parts of the match were shown on chanel Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina.


13th October 2011, Thursday

Workshop dancingOn Thursday we had more workshops, all students could choose between dancing with a dancing club called “Astorija”, playing volleyball with a volleyball club called “Mladost”.  All participants with and without the Down Syndrome were able to take part in workshops and had a lot of fun.

Unfortunately Alma Suljevic couldn’t come, but that was no reason for our students to not having fun. We painted about love and friendship and in the end we created 5 pictures. In the photo you can see us students painting. After that we had the chance to relax ourselves and try our skills in arts and fashion. For fashion we had a famous Bosnian designer named Belma Stambol – Tvico. She prepared some plain dresses and we could design those dresses with different fabrics. In the end we had a fashion show and all dresses were presented in the hall of the school.

Dance is magic. It's freedom, energy, spirit and inspiraiton. On Thursday evening teachers, parents and students with and without the Down Syndrome could enjoy in  party. We had a lot of fun.

12th October 2011, Wednesday

Meeting directorOn Wednesday morning the headmaster of this school Mr. Avdija Serdarevic he talked to students from this project and he wanted to welcome us. Also he wanted to say that he supportes our project.

The heart of one nationality is hidden in its roots. On Wednesday we had a dancing workshop leaded by folklore club „Lola“. We had the opportunity to get in the touch to one of the roots of Bosnia and Herzegovina – it's folklore dances and traditional clothes.

Also the most of our students had a chance to make their dreams true: they could try their skills in acting. The famous bosnian actress Vedrana Seksan helped to our students and enjoyed with them in acting.

After those two workshops, we had a small musical concert in the bilding of High Economic School, Sarajevo by famous bosnian singers Mirza Šoljanin and Berin Buturović. Our children with the Down Syndrome were in the center of a party. They were singing and dancing and they showed us that music unites people, nationalities and cultures. We will always remember Berin Buturović's words: „Our talent is given by God and we are expected to use it to help other people.“

There are days in which person wants to thank for something, e.g. „Thank you mum for giving me a life.“, „I'm thankful for good weather.“,..

On Wednesday, 12th Octomber we visited the Tunel of Hope in Sarajevo. This was one of these days in which we realise how valuable is persons life and how thankful we should be for being alive. We received information about the war in B&H from 1992 to 1995. We learned facts about dramatic peoples stories. Our visiting to the Tunnel of Hope showed us how valuable one life is and how terrible war is, no matter where it's happening. That's why we want to save peace: for having better future for us and our generations.

On this day, studens could visit the old town of Sarajevo named BašÄaršija and see the beauties of Sarajevo. They could see the mix of religions, nationalities and cultures in this town.

11th October 2011,Tuesday


First day of our working on our project, our students presented our countries, towns and schools. After that, we had a short course of Bosnian language where students from Germany, Bulgaria and Poland enjoyed learning this language. Then we have started to present and learn about the Down Syndrome. On our presentation and discusions we learned a lot of about the Down Syndrome.

In the evening, we had very important event for Bosnians. The football represetation of Bosnia and Herzegovina had a chance to place directly on the European Championship if it won the football representation of France. Participants of this project watched the match and we had a great atmosphere. Unfrotunately, this match finished with result of 1:1, but our representation still has a chance to be a part of European Championship 2012.

10th October 2011, Monday

Departure Warsaw

At 3.00 a.m. Polish group started trip by bus from Torun to Warsaw.  At 9.00 a.m. our team  had plane from Budapest, and after at 1.00 p.m. to Sarajevo. We arrived the airport in Sarajevo at 2.30 p.m., where we met with our Bosnian friends. Our host families took us to take rest. In the evening we met all together in the old part of Sarajevo and walked the streets of this beautiful city.




30th September 2011, Tuesday

Bulgarian team

Bulgarian students visited the Center for disabled people in Varna where participated in workshop with the youths and their parents.

Here you can see the presentation of this visit.


23th September 2011, Friday

Polish team in Foundation

Polish team participated in a special therapy with the youths with the Down Syndrome and people with other disabilities.

We have made  video  about this. If you want to see, click here. :)






16th September 2011, Friday

German team

German team participated in a workshop with the  Down Syndrom. Here some impresions. At the end  we took  pictures with our slogan. We have made  video  about this. If you want to see, click here. :)






12th September 2011, Thursday

We discussed  on the chat every Monday and Thusday simple questions : „What is  Down Syndrom“?, "How do young people with Down Syndrome live in my country?" "Which support do they get from state or other institutions?" "Which forms of therapeutical measures are offered?" and others. At a meeting in Sarajevo we divided the work between different groups. We assigned the topic for the group to preparing for presentation in Sarajevo:

Polish group - presentation about Down Syndrom,

German students – Human Rights for disabled women, men and children all over the world. (Source:UN - Convention)

Bulgarian – about institutions of DS

All groups prepared interviews with Parents of young students with DS, and with students with DS and video of the visit in Foundations DS. We made questionnaire for the interview with Down's Syndrome participants and their parents.

09th September 2011, Monday


Polish group started to learn about the Down's Syndrome.






05th September 2011, Monday

polish-groupSDFirst  meeting Polish group after vacation. Our meeting involved discusion of the details of our project "It is normal to be different!"-Young Europeans with and without the Down Syndrome Facing Human Rights in the Past and Presents.