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12th October 2011, Wednesday

Meeting directorOn Wednesday morning the headmaster of this school Mr. Avdija Serdarevic he talked to students from this project and he wanted to welcome us. Also he wanted to say that he supportes our project.

folklor dancing

Folklor dance1

The heart of one nationality is hidden in its roots. On Wednesday we had a dancing workshop leaded by folklore club „Lola“. We had the opportunity to get in the touch to one of the roots of Bosnia and Herzegovina – it's folklore dances and traditional clothes. 

Worksop art

Workshop art1

Also the most of our students had a chance to make their dreams true: they could try their skills in acting. The famous bosnian actress Vedrana Seksan helped to our students and enjoyed with them in acting.



After those two workshops, we had a small musical concert in the bilding of High Economic School, Sarajevo by famous bosnian singers Mirza Šoljanin and Berin Buturović. Our children with the Down Syndrome were in the center of a party. They were singing and dancing and they showed us that music unites people, nationalities and cultures. We will always remember Berin Buturović's words: „Our talent is given by God and we are expected to use it to help other people.“

There are days in which person wants to thank for something, e.g. „Thank you mum for giving me a life.“, „I'm thankful for good weather.“,..

Workshop singing2

Workshop singing

Workshop singing1

On Wednesday, 12th Octomber we visited the Tunel of Hope in Sarajevo. This was one of these days in which we realise how valuable is persons life and how thankful we should be for being alive. We received information about the war in B&H from 1992 to 1995. We learned facts about dramatic peoples stories. Our visiting to the Tunnel of Hope showed us how valuable one life is and how terrible war is, no matter where it's happening. That's why we want to save peace: for having better future forus and our generations. 




On this day, studens could visit the old town of Sarajevo named BašÄaršija and see the beauties of Sarajevo. They could see the mix of religions, nationalities and cultures in this town.

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